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addressing the attacks on the u.s. consulate in libya. dagen: the very latest with a wrapup of everything we have heard just this morning. >> president obama condemning the attacks in the strongest terms working with the government to secure other diplomats in the country and its working without government to make sure they find these attackers. >> there is absolutely no justification for this type of violence. none. the world must stand together to unequivocally reject these acts. >> governor mitt romney spoke before president obama offering his condolences and his combination of these events and went on to criticize the white house handling of all of this. >> they clearly sent mixed messages to the world in a statement that came from the administration at the embassy is the administration, the statement was a statement which is akin to a policy and was a severe miscalculation. >> president obama's heading with hillary clinton to the state department to meet with employees there. a senior official tells fox the president scheduled for a trip out west is still up in the air. they're still wo
in libya, an attack that claimed the lives of ambassador chris stevens and three members. melissa: time for stocks first every 15 minutes onl on the flof the new york stock exchange or nicole petallides as always is standing by. nicole: the euro moving to the four-month highs. the top court ruling in germany basically says they will back the euro zone, will be there for the emergency fund. protected for more money, so that is basically the understanding. our market here at home, an up arrow across the board. up fractionally a quarter of a percent in the major averages, the s&p up a quarter of a percent right now. a stellar september. the dow and s&p gaining 2%, that is a good move for september. back to you. lori: apple getting set to unveil its latest product, the iphone 5. robert gray with the details, what will we hear, robert? speak of the biggest products in the biggest company in the world. we're expected to hear from apple, a bigger screen, a thinner screen format. a lot of expectations on this phone. expect it to be on the lte network making it more compatible in more markets ov
wise to have beefed up security. in all honesty in libya where we know associates are operating, where there are tremendous amounts of hardware, weaponry on the streets so from the revolution when they are resort opened up and pilfered. just a general operating in firming, still trying to form a government. they should have been significantly more security on the ground. at this point after such a sad event, you know, you have to review, look. we have to prevent this in the future. charles: the sow will be talking about. after we talk about the response to want to get to as low. your other area of expertise to my intelligence and what we should have known about this, of talk about this anti muslim movie that has been made and whether or not that's the spark or some of these attacks particularly in libya planned in advance and to coincide with 9/11. after looking at the situation the last couple days which say about that? >> and just not buying this anti muslim film has parking this instantaneous average. these things tend to be when you see something developed usually the players or pl
. melissa: appreciate your coming on with us. the sparking riots in libya today. protesters stormed the u.s. embassy in yemen and fox news reporting the attack that killed the u.s. ambassador to september 11th. rich edson is in washington with more on this developing story. fresh comments were as president obama speaks at a campaign. >> early indications, a planned raid resulted in the early indication. the house intelligence committee sums up by saying he heard the intelligence service that it was a coordinated military style commando type raid. u.s. government is containing protests and violence around the region. >> closely watching what is happening in yemen and elsewhere and we certainly hope and expect that there will be steps taken to of wage violence and prevent escalation protests into violence. >> wall street journal reports officials have arrested four in connection with the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. a libyan official involved in the manhunt also reports libyan security forces have made larger group under surveillance. melissa: thanks for that report. much more
crudes is the north sea, libya, and nigeria. if we lose oil from either nigeria or libya, we could have a situation like we saw earlier in the summer where crude hit record highs. back to you. ashley: phil, thank you very much. >> thanks. trace -- tracy: u.s. programs on the chopping block, and if we don't reduce the deficit, u.s. military spending will be slashed by $54.7 billion in 2013, 9.4% of the budget. what's that mean for the defense industry, and which companies could take the biggest hit? brian, weighing in, managing directer of research at crt capital. brian, first of all, you're saying regardless of the election and who wins, the defense industry will see budget cuts? >> that's correct. over the last 70 years, defense, u.s. defense, has gone in cycles, and i see it's war spending ramping up, and then after the war, spending ramping down. we're coming out of a war. we should be out of combat operations in afghanistan in the next two years. we're going to see spending ramped down in defense and sequestering is just one thing that's going to hit the defense group, but there's o
, libya. and the of the four, two why navy seals, tyrone woods, glen doherty. sean smith an information management officer and the two seals were commissioned to guard the ambassador. as you and i were talking, tyrone woods in particular, three kids, one a newborn. glen doherty, parent, siblings. leaving a lot of loved ones. ashley: you see a podium there. we're expecting comments from president clinton and president obama. if that is the case we'll go back straight there to listen to the comments from the president. tracy: on that news oil prices jumping on the fed's latest move to prop up the economy. plus rising tensions in the middle east. so are we headed back to triple digit crude for good? we'll have that next. ashley: liz claman live from silicon valley with one company trying to reinvent how college students get text bookses. what a great idea. first let's get a check of some of today's winners and losers with the dow hanging on to gains up 42 points. fossil, not a bad day. up 11%. we'll be right back. with all the opinions about stocks out there, how do you know which ones to
ambassador and libya. this is not random. this moves away from the real question which is with all of our intelligence efforts and presents and a lot of these governments, government that we helped overthrow the previous government, why were we surprised by all of this? that is the real question. the reporting, dagen, on this movie was it ran several months ago in a theater in l.a. it ran for a couple of days, maybe. there is something very suspicious about this. dagen: in terms of that aid that we give to these nations, egypt is second only to israel in the amount of aid that we give to that country. is the answer taking that aid away? >> it may be. money talks. the thing is, the power brokers and a lot of these countries, although, it is illegal for u.s. businesses to bribe foreign officials, if you do it government to government and they get to point where that money goes and how that investment is made, you look at it another way. you cannot buy allegiance in the arab world, but you can rent it. it is not very flattering, but i am sorry, that is a saying that is very well understood i
calling the deadly attack on the united states consul in libya and act of terror. president obama still citing an anti muslim film as the cause of the violence. in tripoli, the latest on the investigation and the administration's conflicting statements. >> through the investigation speaking to a u.s. official on the ground in tripoli and confirms fbi agents are holding back in the city. we have no confirmation any of the agents have reached benghazi, the scene of the killing of chris stevens and three other americans. that area is not a safe place to operate in if you are american but there are concerns at the crime scene ten days later might be contaminated. likewise confirmed the marine rapid response anti-terrorist squad that was thrown in here last week remains here in tripoli. the embassy is well guarded amid other questions that u.s. military teams were not dispatched fast enough. critics are saying that and some say the security at the consulate in benghazi was not strong enough and might have led to the problems and warnings were not taken from other attacks by militant groups i
, financier of terror around the world, bc libya, syria, our region, other places, once iran is taken care of, we will be living in a much better world and that will be good for business. connell: the market is down. one final question before we let you go, how much do you think from what you know of all the parties involved, how much our personal relationships between netanyahu, president obama, netanyahu, mitt romney, how much is that playing into what we'ree hearing about this and other issues? >> i don't think what the prime minister did yesterday had any, but i think people seem to discard the importance of personal relations. in a politics and international relations or even national affairs, not love affairs and not all about rumors. at the same time personal relations come and all you have to do to have this brought home to you is remember the very bad relations between president roosevelt in the second world war, a very great extent america's decision to enter the war, to help the united kingdom because of the disdain and distrust between those two leaders. i believe personal relatio
that al qaeda played a direct role in what killed our ambassador in libya last week. dagen: so much hate. connell: we start off with that today. top of the hour. let's go to nicole petallides as we do every 15 minutes for stocks now. nicole: good morning everybody. let's take a look at the dow jones industrial average. down 12 points) on a date where we are also seeing the nasdaq and s&p down. wanted to take a look. let's take a look at facebook. the $38 ipl on may 18. it has done very well for the month of september. what are they doing now? down 1.8%. they say they will start charging some of the businesses and merchants that send vouchers for discount to redeem for merchandise. they will start charging for that feature. the other thing, whether or not sheryl sandberg may be considered for a position in the white house. dagen: thank you. the presidential election less than 50 days away. president obama and romney hitting the campaign trail today in florida. both focusing on immigration. and a new fox poll, it shows that the president has a lead over romney and florida, ohio and the sta
, the killing of our ambassador in libya, the penetration of embassy security and other embassies in the region. there's a lot on the line for the president. i think he's more vulnerable on the foreign policy issue than a lot of his political advisors. cheryl: how willing do you think tomorrow he's going to be to address the issue of iran and israel in particular. because of the criticism that he's not willing to get to really call israel the true ally that people say he needs to do, he's not doing enough for israel, what do you say to that? >> i think there will be a lot of rhetoric about the importance of israel security and living in peace and stability, but i think there will be a lot as well about his june 09 speech in cairo and his relations with the muslim world because he's playing for several different audiences here, the international audience, but also the audience of his at home that wanted to get out of iraq, that looks forward to getting out of afghanistan and welcomes a declining american position in the middle east and globally. cheryl: you brought up egypt. i want to ask you ab
the obama administration knew in 24 hours the attack in libya that killed the ambassador and three other americans was an act of terror. conflict with previous claims by administration officials that the attack was simply spontaneous. united nations is warning the number of refugees fleeing syria could more than double by the end of this year 700,000. nearly 300,000 have fled into neighboring countries since the conflict began 18 months ago. and a man dying that jimmy hoffa who finished 37 years ago investigators looking for a suburban crime wave after he saw a body being put into the ground around the time she disappeared. those are your interesting news headlines on the fox business network. now back to ashley and tracy. tracy: this is the story, we are too intrigued by this. the markets are up despite mostly gloomy economic data. in order for noble goods falling sharply. one bright spot was initial jobless claims falling more than expected, less people on the unemployment line. here to break down the numbers, chief economist at raymond james. gdp down, durable goods plummeted, what bo
film. the president of libya now says the attack a week ago on the u.s. consulate in benghazi was a planned assault possibly organized by a group with -- with ties to al qaeda as an act of revenge. >> the best information and the best assessment we have today is that in fact this was not a pre-planned pre-meditated attack. that what happened initially was it was a spontaneous reaction -- peter: as you mentioned, oil and gasoline prices remain elevated this part over middle east tensions including new disagreements between the u.s. and israel over responding to iran's new clear program. -- nuclear program. that's fuelled new speculation that the president may tap the strategic petroleum reserve 7 weeks before election day, but one energy executive says oil supplies are adequate. >> there are many political reasons to draw down the strategic petroleum reserve. but there are really no strategic reasons to draw down the spr based on fundamentals. keep in mind, it is the strategic petroleum reserve, not the political expediency petroleum reserve. peter: the white house continues to
in libya and get 92 stores in saudi arabia and 24 in each of the. >> people in the middle east law cinnamon and sweets and over the last decade they have come to love western sweet treat chains and we are back. >> compare that with some obesity practice you might have real synergy but you are not in china and diana amazed at that. >> china is one of the last frontiers. we are in the middle east and growing in russia and central and south america big growth markets in the coming 12 to 24 months but china needed decades -- dedicated strategy. they are not as affectionate to sweets as a culture as other cultures are so we want to make sure we get the content right before we really growing china. dennis: you have 20% of u.s. stores in texas. where will your next phase of growth come from any u.s. forces overseas? >> equal amounts internationally and domestically. domestically the mid-atlantic and northeast are huge growth market. new york, new jersey, boston, they love it and there's a high concentration. it is perfect for franchisees'. russia will continue to be a huge growth market as a latin
in the air for 24 hours. secretary of state clinton's meeting with libya's president marks the first between the two countries since the u.s. ambassador and three other americans were killed back on september 11th in an attack on the american consulate in benghazi. and nasa's mars rover has touched its first martian rock. the rover spent the past several days investigating the stone before making contact with it. it's currently making its longest drive on the planet to date. those are the news headlines on fox business network. i'm juliet huddy. to dagen and connell. i don't know why i find that funny. connell: i don't know either. dagen: china looking to put an end to the united states domination of the western pacific by expanding its navy presence, forcing the u.s. to send a significant number of troops to the region in response. connell: fox news adam housely is with us now in san diego with the latest on that. adam? >> yeah, connell and dagen it's one of those stories that's kind of flown under the radar a bit because so much is going on in middle east and on going operations in afghani
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